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Favorites of


Joyrides -- A collection of some excellent amusement ride photos from Joe Schwartz


Lone Star Thrills  -- Great information about Six Flags Over Texas as well as other Texas parks.


Mike Robinson's Coaster Page --Pictures of coasters in Texas and from coaster related events in Texas


Negative G -- Paul Drabek's site with park photos and event photos.


Rollercoaster Database -- Need roller coaster statistics?  Go here.

bullet -- Need info and history on Astroworld?  Go here.


Theme Park Review -- Robb Alvey's excellent site containing many pictures of his trips across the US.

Travel, Information and Publications

bullet Amusement Today -- The best publication for news in the amusement industry!
bullet Arlington, TX Convention and Visitors Bureau -- Information on Arlington, Texas.  Six Flags Over Texas is located here.
bullet Blooloop - latest headlines for the Amusement Industry
bullet Gunther Hall, Ltd. --  The original and definitive source for a wonderful collection of amusement park publications and related specialty products.
bullet Skycoaster (Florida) -- What's it like to free-fall 110 feet or more at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour - then recover barely six feet off the ground and go soaring over tree-tops.
bullet U.S. Census Bureau -- Talks all about data collected on all sorts of topics related to the American people and economy, including recreational activities. Descriptions of reports are available on line, and information products may be ordered in print, on CD-ROM and DVD. Full ordering information is provided.
bullet Visit North West - Guide to attractions in North West England
bullet YoTexas Travel Links -- Links to travel and attractions in Texas.

Roller Coaster Web Sites with registered domain names
These web sites have been around for a while and are reliable.  If the site has any pop-up ads it is noted in the site description.


Alex's Place -- Lots of pictures and videos

bullet -- Features photos and other information from various European parks


Boomgen - Australian Theme Parks


Cantilevered Coaster Systems -- The Cantilevered Coaster System is the next major innovative step in the roller coaster and dark ride world. It enables you to conceal the track with the ability to have "flying" vehicles. It is an obvious ideal in ride technology!


Cedar Point Fourms - Talk about Cedar Point


Cedar Point Online -- Discounts, coupons, reviews travel tips.


Chris Brewer's Model Rollercoasters -- Many photos of my working model roller coasters and a photo gallery of the real roller coasters I have been on. Lots of historic photos of SFAW, SFOT, and SFMM.


CoasterBuzz -- Roller coaster discussion and news.


CoasterGear -- Apparel and other stuff for the discriminating rider.

bullet -- Over 2,000 original roller coaster pictures from several countries.

bullet Coaster Grotto -- Includes an extensive collection of theme park reviews and roller coaster photos, plus free personals and online community for roller coaster fans.
bullet Coaster Guy's Domain -- Coasterguy's site dedicated to Roller Coasters and more. (Several pop-up ads)
bullet -- Offers photos, videos, downloads and more.
bullet Coaster Links -- A collection of links for roller coaster related sites.
bullet CoasterPICS! -- A photo Gallery by Ben Ashley
bullet CoasterQuest -- Pics from across the US, a coaster construction and coaster safety section, and people can buy a 2000 coaster calendar or the soon to be released coaster collage poster. -- is a half-hour radio show and podcast dedicated to roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.
bullet CoastersRule! -- We have photos, forums and a whole lot more!
bullet CoasterVisuals -- Pictures of theme parks in Europe.
bullet Coaster Central -- News, reviews, photos, links, and more -- Database with photos
bullet Coaster Saver -- Roller Coaster links, theme park trips, flying scooters, and other unique or fun features
bullet Coaster Videos Online -- A huge online database of hundreds of coaster videos out there on the net.
bullet Coaster-World
bullet -- A search engine dedicated to all disney and Universal web sites!
bullet Disney World - Online Guide -- Information on parks, resorts, and restaurants. (pop-up ads)
bullet e-musementParkStore -- The e-musementParkStore is the "premier" web site on the internet for the mail order sales of just about anything related to amusement parks and roller coasters.  We sell videos, books, T-shirts, hats, computer software (screen savers, games, etc.), patches, buttons, roller coaster trading cards, calendars (when available) and individual items sold by both amusement parks and individual private sellers.  If you don't see what you're looking for, send us your "want list" and we will try and obtain it for you!
bullet Frontier City Thrills - Your source for Frontier City information
bullet Houston Thrills Central -- Astroworld site
bullet In One Spin -- Coaster pictures from around the world
bullet IOA Central -- Guide to Islands of Adventure
bullet Julie's Coaster Pictures -- Some very nice pictures from SFGAm, CP, PKI, Big Chief Go Karts and Coasters, and more!
bullet Lift Hill, The -- A collection of information about theme parks.
bulletMean Coasters -- Roller Coaster information
bullet Mexican Roller Coasters -- A site about the roller coasters of Mexico.
bullet Nightcoaster's Amusement Park Guide -- Extensive listing of Amusement and Water Park links, reviews and related information.
bullet Official Web Site of Oc~Boulder~Fest
bullet PCW Junkies On-ride Photos of Fear -- The Reid family has put together their on-ride photos, personal pictures, trip reports, souvenirs, and memories into this site. Site also includes a Guide and Info for Paramount Canada's Wonderland.
bullet PKI Central -- Complete Guide to Paramount's Kings Island
bullet Rollercoasters and Other Amusement Rides of Anton Schwarzkoph -- Everything you wanted to know about master coaster designer Anton Schwarzkoph.  Features stats about nearly every ride he designed.
bulletRollercoaster Media Library -- All those amusement park and roller coaster-related books, VHSs and DVDs that you never knew existed
bullet RollerGhoster -- Download a short action film about a roller coaster.
bullet Scream Heaven -- Ultimate Movies. It is the leading roller coaster site in Japan.
bullet SFOG Online -- Unofficial fan website dedicated to Six Flags Over Georgia with photographs, articles, ride biographies and more.
bullet SFOT Xtreme -- Site about Six Flags Over Texas
bullet Superman Ride of Steel -- Fan Site for Six Flags New England
bullet Theme Park Brochures -- Brochures and maps from your favorite amusement and theme parks from the 1950's through today.
bullet Theme Park Critic -- Theme Park Critic contains reviews of theme parks all over America as well insight and ratings for your favorite rides provided by users. Users also provide tips and hints for first time park goers all over the world on our private message board
bullet -- A international themepark guide
bullet Theme Park Page -- The Theme Park Page is dedicated to help teachers and enthusiasts find material related to theme parks and theme park science.
bullet ThemePark Traders - Trade theme park related items.
bullet ThemeParkVision -- Information on the parks in Europe
bullet The Point Online -- Provides information about Cedar Point including news, photos, shopping, rumors, strategy guides, history, forums, travel information, and more.
bullet ThrillNetwork -- A network of Park Specific and Coaster Specific sites
bullet Thrillriders Amusement Ride Collection -- A collection of Germany's transportable coasters & rides!
bullet The Unofficial Worlds of Fun Site   -- Information about Worlds of Fun
bullet -- Information on various coasters and parks.  A guide to coaster/amusement park related TV shows.
bullet Ultimate Rollercoaster -- An extensive guide to roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides.
bullet Virtual Coasters -- A great site for pictures and wallpapers of coasters around the country.

Personal Sites About Roller Coasters
Most of these sites contain ads and pop-ups

bullet Amusement Park Nostalgia
bullet Amusement Ride Accidents --List of accidents on amusement rides and roller coasters.
bullet Andrew's K'nex Coaster Showcase -- Has photos of roller coasters built with K'nex and tips for others.
bullet Andy's Coaster Page -- A site filled with pictures and up to date information on upcoming coasters
bullet Best Coasters -- A site about rollercoasters with lots of pictures.
bullet Bobcoaster's Coaster Pages -- Photos of defunct parks and rides, Mr. Twister tribute, Knoebels Twister construction photos, Roller Coaster Tycoon parks and much, much more!  Lot's of photos at this one!
bulletCanobie Lake Park -- Photos and informatioin for Canobie Lake Park
bullet Cedar Fair Online -- Your Online Source to all Six Amusment Parks of CedarFair LP.
bullet Cedar Point Coaster Web Page -- Pictures, rumors, stats, news, and other info on Cedar Point
bullet Coaster Cool -- Information about Riverside Park, Great Escape, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and others.
bullet Coaster Crazy -- features information on Hersheypark, Walt Disney World, and features a theme park news/rumors and archive page and plenty of theme park links
bullet Coaster Frank's Homepage -- Mostly about Fiesta Texas and other area parks I have been to and Events as an A.C.E. member I have been to.
bullet CoasterLand --
bullet Coaster Page -- Everything about rollercoasters and more.
bullet Coaster Port -- Features information about various parks
bullet Coasting America --Pictures from SFGAm, SFStl, and other parks from the Midwest US
bullet Dutch Coastin' -- European theme park and coaster photos, reviews and more.
bullet Florida Coasters -- The site for info on ALL of Floridas roller coasters!
bullet Mariano's RollerCoaster Webpage -- Australian for theme parks.  Photos, videos, news and much more of theme parks downunder
bullet Paul's Roller Coaster Page -- Lot's of info for parks in the area of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania.
bullet   -- A website featuring roller coaster pictures by Gustavo Vanderput.
bullet -- This site is all about the users.  Very cool site, lot's of fun stuff to look at and do
bullet Roller Coaster Italia -- Italian site about roller coasters
bullet Roller Coaster & Amusement Park Media Library
bullet One Click -- Photo gallery revitalizing the moments of hills, thrills and fun!
bullet Project Coaster -- Information and forums
bullet Six Flags New England -- Photos, Videos and Information about SFNE
bullet SupremeScreams
bullet The Coaster Corner -- A site that contains pictures, reviews, links, and other cool stuff about roller coasters.
bullet The Coaster Critic's Blog
bullet Theme Park Quiz -- Test your knowledge on theme parks.
bullet TylerCoaster  --A page with personal opinions about all the roller coasters he's ridden.
bullet World of Coasters

Roller Coaster Tycoon Sites

bullet All American Coasters -- My site is devoted to real parks and coasters for the smash-hit game Rollercoaster Tycoon
bullet Ben's Roller Coaster Tycoon Site -- tips, tricks, tracks, cheat codes and screenshots
bullet Mods To The Max -- Free add ons and coaster/park exchange for the Ultimate Ride Series and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
bullet RCT Town -- RCT Town has many RCT and RCT2 downloads.  It features forums, monthly trivia, and monthly contests also
bullet RCTycoon -- Features rides, parks and more.
bullet Tycoon Freak's RCT Site -- RCT 1 and 2 site with downloads and forums.

Roller Coaster Clubs and Groups

bullet ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts)
bullet ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) South Central Region (TX,OK,LA)
bullet Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada
bullet European Coaster Club
bullet Florida Coaster Club
bullet Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club

Ride Manufacturers

bullet Arrow Dynamics, Inc Manufacturer of several coasters and other rides.  Developed the tubular steel track.
bullet Chance Rides, Inc.  Manufacturer of Chaos and Wipeout rides and many more.
bullet Chance Morgan  Manufacturer of coasters(Mamba, Steel Force, Wild thing) and other rides
bullet Force Engineering Linear Induction Motor technology
bullet Huss Maschinenfabrik Manufacturer of Frisbee and Top Spin rides (SFFT)
bullet Intamin AG  Manufacturer of coasters and other rides.
bullet Premier Rides Manufacturer of coasters (OL:FOF, Mr. Freeze, The Chiller) and other rides.
bullet S & S Power ---Manufacturer of Space Shots, Turbo Drops, and Double Shots (Power Tower, Scream)
bullet Sellner Manufacturing Manufacturer of various flat rides including the Tilt-a-Whirl.


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