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Steel Eel Construction Photos and Updates (Nov 98 - Mar 99)
(Some of the best photos of Steel Eel can be seen in the WinterFest section)

Steel Eel Press Day Photos (March 5th, 1999)

Photo from front page of San Antonio Express News (March 6th, 1999)
(I'm in the second row on the right as you look at the picture)

My Steel Eel Ride Review
Written for ECC's First Drop magazine (Issue #45)

Look through the Winterfest photos in the construction section for some excellent shots of Steel Eel

Lift rises from the trees2nd Hill

Me on Steel Eel
Me on Steel Eel (front seat, left)

Coaster Stats

Maximum Speed 65 mph
Lift Height 150 ft
First Drop Height 150 ft
Angle of Descent 60 deg
Track Length 3700 ft
Inversions 0
Maximum G-force 3.5
Number of Trains 2
Number of Passengers/train 36
Ride Time 2:08
Builder Morgan
Date Opened 3/6/99
Cost ?

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