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At more than 14 stories tall, the Texas Giant is one of the tallest, fastest wooden roller coasters to be found anywhere. The Giant was named the #1 roller coaster in the world for 1996, the international year of the roller coaster. For two years previous, the Giant was ranked the #1 wooden coaster in the world by readers of Inside Track, a magazine for theme park enthusiasts.

Coaster Stats

Maximum Speed 62 mph
Lift Height 143 ft
First Drop Height 137 ft
Angle of Descent 53 degrees
Track Length 4920 ft
Inversions 0
Maximum G-force 2.7
Number of Trains 3
Number of Passengers/train 24
Ride Time 2:00 +
Builder Dinn Corp.
Date Opened 3/17/90
Cost $5.5 mil

Average Speed: 39 mph
Maximum Turn Banking:  60 degrees

Trains manufacturer: Philadelphia Toboggan
Site: 2.9 acres in the Texas Section
Lumber: 900,000 board ft. pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine
Other materials: 1,220 concrete piers, 10 tons of nails and 81,370 bolts
Design: Curtis D. Summers, Cincinnati, OH

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