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A heart-pounding adventure through mysterious darkness, this is the hidden treasure of all coasters. Twist and turn at speeds of up to 40 mph as you journey through a giant mountain. Hidden somewhere in these grounds, it has been said, a bountiful treasure awaits! What fate beholds the finder of this mystical treasure? Only those who brave the excursion -- with its near 90 degree drops, 92 degree banked angles and two high-speed horizontal spirals -- will know!


Coaster Stats

Maximum Speed 40 mph
Lift Height 51 ft
First Drop Height ?
Track Length 1500
Inversions 0
Maximum G-force 5.2
Number of Trains 3
Number of Passengers/train 12
Ride Time 1:30
Builder Premier
Date Opened 1996
Cost ?

Maximum Bank Angle: 82 degrees
Maximum Drop Angle: Nearly 90 degrees