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Coaster Stats

Maximum Speed 60mph
Lift Height na
First Drop Height na
Track Length 849'
Inversions 1
Maximum G-force 5
Number of Trains 1
Number of Passengers/train 28
Ride Time 0:33
Builder Schwarzkoph
Date Opened 1978
Cost ?


Launch Loop End of backwards trip
Greezed4t.jpg (4118 bytes) End of forwards trip Going backwards at 55mph
End of forward travel Flywheel building and loop End of reverse travel

Click here for photos and videos of the workings of this coaster!

ACCELERATION:   Innovative fly-wheel catapult mechanism propels train from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds (similar to the catapulting action on aircraft carriers).

HEIGHT:   Ride consists of two 70-degree inclines at each end of the track, one measuring 111 feet and the other, 138 feet.

STEEL:   150 tons of steel



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