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2002 (350kb)

Adventure Island
2002 (275kb)

Adventure Land
2002 (364kb)

Adventure World
1998 (273kb)

2004 (341kb)
2001 (205kb)

Busch Gardens Tampa
2002 (334kb)

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
2000 (239kb)

Cedar Point
2000 (319kb)

Disney's Blizzard Beach
unknown (342kb)

Disneyland Paris
2002 (351kb)

Disneyland Tokyo
1991 (299kb)

Dorney Park
1998 (239kb)

Fiesta Texas
2003 (238kb)
2002 (265kb)
2001 (229kb)
2000 (337kb)
1999 (297kb)
1998 (301kb)
1997 (380kb)

Frontier City
2000 (165kb)

Geauga Lake
1998 (96kb)

Holiday World
2002 (273kb)
2001 (219kb)

1996 (148kb)

Knott's Berry Farm
2002 (335kb)
1998 (315kb)

Knott's Camp Snoopy, Mall of America
1998 (219kb)

Lake Compounce
2000 (115kb)

Liberty Land
2000 (99kb)

Magic Mountain
1971 (215kb)

Morey's Piers

Paramount's Carowinds
1999 (328kb)

Paramount's Great America
1996 (138kb)

Paramount's Kings Dominion
2001 (300kb)

Paramount's Kings Island

Sea World of California
2000 (211kb)

Sea World of Ohio
2000 (182kb)

Sea World of Texas
1999 (145kb)

Silver Dollar City
2001 (309kb)

Six Flags America
2000 (180kb)

Six Flags Elitch Gardens
1999 (165kb)

Six Flags Great Adventure
2001 (142kb)

Six Flags Great America
2001 (277kb)

Six Flags Holland
2002 (366 kb)

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
2002 (251kb)
2001 (218kb)

1998 (74kb)

Six Flags Magic Mountain
2002 (348kb)
2000 (232kb)

Six Flags Marine World
1999 (383kb)

Six Flags Ohio
2000 (153kb)

Six Flags Over Georgia
2002 (315kb)

Six Flags Over Mid America
1995 (319kb)

Six Flags Over Texas
1961-1970 maps from the Scott L. Jordan collection

2003 (327kb)
2002 (319kb)
2001 (260kb)
1970 (100kb)
1969 (99kb)
1968 (204kb)
1967 (91kb)
1966 (323kb)
1965 (316kb)
1964 (315kb)
1963 (117kb)
1962 (112kb)
1961 (64kb)

Six Flags St. Louis
2000 (265kb)

Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure
2001 Wildlife (145kb)
2001 Wild Rides (180kb)

2000 (303kb)

1999 (173kb)

Wet n Wild Orlando
1999 (376kb)

Worlds of Fun
2002 (366kb)
2000 (223kb)
1999 (216kb)

Thanks to the following people who have provided maps:

Ben Ashley
Jeff Gifford

Keith Stansell
Brad, the Sea World Steel Eel ride op
Christopher Whitt
Eric Long
Kevin Albert
Ross Whitehead
Damian Fleming
Mark Green
...and others who didn't give me their name


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