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This huge and at one time record breaking ride is no more.  On September 4th, 2000, Steel Phantom gave it's last ride.  Kennywood is redesigning the coaster along with Morgan Manufacturing which will remove the inversions.  Kennywood was not in my trip plans for 2000, but once I heard this coaster was going to close forever, I gave up 1 of my 2 days at Cedar Point to make the drive to Pittsburgh to ride this coaster.  It was worth the trip.  I took my first and last ride on Steel Phantom on 8/20/00 which just happens to be my birthday.


Coaster Stats

Maximum Speed 80mph
Lift Height 160'
Max Drop Height (2nd) 225'
Track Length 3000'
Inversions 4
Maximum G-force ?
Number of Trains 2
Number of Passengers/train 28
Ride Time 2:15
Builder Arrow
Date Opened 1991
Cost ?


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